Haynes No. 3 and No. 4 Generating Station Repowering

Haynes No. 3 and No. 4 Generating Station Repowering - Long Beach, Calif.

      To meet California's growing demand for more efficient and economical power, the Los Angeles Department of Water & Power decided to replace two 1960s-era boilers at the Haynes Generating Station with a 577-megawatt dual-fuel, combined cycle power plant.

      In July 2002, the Kiewit team was awarded the design-build contract to engineer, procure, construct and commission the new plantwith two GE 7FA combustion turbines, a GE steam turbine and two Alstom three-pressure reheat heat recovery steam generators with air quality control measures.

      Project quantities included 16,700 cubic yards of structural concrete; 725 tons of structural steel; 61,000 lineal feet of large bore pipe; 35,000 lineal feet of small bore pipe; 179,550 lineal feet of electrical conduit; 707,000 lineal feet of electrical wire and 46,800 electrical terminations.

      Because of the successful partnership between Kiewit and the owner, the project was completed one month ahead of schedule. The new system is 94 percent cleaner of emissions and 40 percent more fuel-efficient. The amount of emissions eliminated through the upgraded technology is roughly equivalent to removing more than 55,000 vehicles from the road each year.

      The project was awarded an achievement award from the Los Angeles Council of Engineers and Scientists.

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